The High Fantasy Society

The High Fantasy Society (HFS) is a medieval fantasy re-creation not-for-profit association featuring a safe and fun simulated combat and magic system. HFS has existed since 1987, starting in Texas. The High Fantasy Society is non-sectarian and is not officially affiliated with any organization or role-playing system besides The High Fantasy Society Live-Action Role-Playing Game.

The Empire of Brackish Moor

The Empire of Brackish Moor started as a kingdom within the High Fantasy Society in 2001. After 8 years of participation, its members decided to create a new kingdom and to elevate the Kingdom of Brackish Moor to an Empire. This is for both role play and practical reasons. The Empire is a way for multiple kingdoms of HFS to play under the same rules system. If a kingdom wishes to join the Empire, all they have to do is agree to play by the same Tome of Battle, Articles of Government, Manual of Creation and Kingdom Bylaws as the other groups.
Changes may be made to the Imperial books, but must be done through an Imperial All Thing. See the Articles of Government for more information.

The Kingdom of Vivex Derestrix

The Kingdom of Vivex Derestrix is the premier kingdom within the Empire of Brackish Moor. It was formed in September of 2009, of previous Brackish Moor members.

Rules of play

Tome of Battle
Articles of Government

Activities of the Empire/Kingdoms

There are some terms players should become familiar with that describe the various types of meetings available, along with what to expect when attending.

Battle Game Day – this is the weekly meeting of the group. Members can expect to have at least one battle game using full lives and abilities on this day each week. The High Table presides over this meeting, and if you participate in combat, you can earn experience towards leveling in your class. More detail on this is located under Experience in Fighting and Non-Fighting Classes. When looking for perfect attendance, highest attendance, or level of participation, these are the only days that count. If there is an event on this same day, or a Travel Day, any of the three count.

Rain Day – This means that for some weather related reason (sometimes called Heat Day, or some such) the official Battle Game Day at the park has been canceled. IF there is a Rain Day, there MAY be an alternative location offered up for people to go and enjoy some time sparring, doing Arts and Sciences, or just plain hanging out. If a member goes to the alternative location, and they participate in some HFS related activity (sewing, character building, sparring, weapon making, storyline development, etc) they can receive a bonus point of experience in lieu of the one they would have earned. This does not count towards attendance or tracking active participation, but can still earn the player a point. The highest ranking member present presides over these meetings.

All Thing – this is the bi-annual meeting to discuss changes to the rules, clarifications, general group welfare, etc. Once there are multiple kingdoms within the Empire of BM, kingdoms will no longer have the ability to alter the actual rules, but will be allowed to vote on items/rule changes to be presented to the Imperial All Thing. The Chancellor/Sage presides over these meetings. Players earn a bonus point for attending the All Thing, regardless of paid status. All Things should always be held on regular meeting days and locations if at all possible, and should always be announced at least three weeks in advance.

Events- Events can vary in length of time (from one day all the way up to seven days), location (regular park, camping, visiting a different park), and cost, but there are a few governing similarities. An Event is a special occasion in the group, something outside the norm. At an event a member can expect there to be role play, combat, food, fighting, A&S and storyline progression. Normally the events within Vivex Derestrix are weekend long camping trips, but not always. Only the day of the week which is the normal battle game day counts towards attendance, any other days count for one experience point each unless some other bonus is relevant. The Autocrat (person running the Event) presides over the event, tracking attendance, collecting event fees, purchasing goods, etc.

The default location for most events is Givhans Ferry State Park, and the event fee is always 10.00 unless specified otherwise

Empire of Brackish Moor